"Pacific Palisades" premiered on April 9th 1997 after "Beverly Hills 90210". The show was produced by Aaron Spelling the man behind "Melrose Place and "Sunset Beach". Just after a few months of exciting, suspenseful storylines the series came to a close on July 30, 1997.

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Rumors are going around that it may return as a mid season replacement on FOX, but don't hold your breath.

Pitcures of Cast Members:

Beth Hooper
The Girls of PP
Jarrod Emick
Jocelyn Seagrave
Kim Davies
Lucky Vanous
Lucky Vanous 2
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Michelle Stafford as Joanna Hadley
Married to Nick, Rachel's sister, no wait daughter, Long Story

Jarrod Emick as Nick Hadley
Married to Joanna, Worked at Russo Associates

Natalia Cigliuti as Rachel Whittaker
Sister/Daughter of Joanna and Richard Hughes, had a crush on Nick, dated Michael

Finola Hughes as Kate Russo
Once married to Robert Russo, was pregnant but lost the baby in an accident

Greg Evigan as Robert Russo
Once married to Kate Russo, Owns Russo Associates, engaged to Jessica

Jocelyn Seagrave as Jessica Mitchell
Once dated Matt Dunning, works at Russo Associates, engaged to Robert

Lucky Vanous as Matt Dunning
Killed Walter, Responsible for the mall collapse, Liar,Cheater,Murderer, typical bastard

Kimberly Davies as Laura Sinclair
Real Estate Agent, Once engaged to John Graham, Sexy,Seductive..etc.

Brittney Powell as Beth Hooper
Once married to Quinn, used to be Brooke, dates Cory Robbins, and works at Russo

Joan Collins as Christina Hobson
Mother of Laura Sinclair, Total Bitch, Faked she was dying...etc.

Trevor Edmond as Micheal
Goes to High School, dated Rachel,

Jennifer Banko as Ashley
Rachel's friend, we barely ever saw her, so thats all I know

Dylan Neal as Cory Robbins (2nd Actor) Plastic Surgeon, dates Brooke/Beth, got into trouble with the mob, Joel Wyner was the original actor

Paul Satterfield as John Graham
The Rich Guy, married to Juile Graham, had an affair and once engaged to Laura

Paul Carafotes as Jake (Cory's Friend)
Own the restauraunt "The Marina"